Cala Serena is a very spectacular corner of our coastline, a fairly long inlet with a maximum depth of about 6.5 m from the deepest part to the shallow end, which is the beach.

It is located between Cala Ravener and Cala Prona

Its orientation provides shelter to winds from the south, south-east, east and north-east. Its bottom is formed by sand and posidónia meadows. In this type of fund, the anchoring must be watched in an extreme way so as not to damage our precious seagrass meadows that are protected.

To get there from Cadaqués you have to navigate about 25-45 minutes, depending on the boat, skirting the entire Cap de Creus natural park and entering the Golfet bay heading east, between Cala Prona and Cala Ravener.

Latitude Longitude:

42.334542895179716, 3.262281181962703


Sand, rock and posidonia


Underwater fishing prohibited